Sexy, laugh-out-loud angsty fun.

Falling for your best friend couldn't get any sweeter. 

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He's hot, charming, perfect, and completely off-limits.

After all, he's my best friend, and has been for years.

I'd never rock the boat and ruin this, especially since I'm not like them­—the sexy, gorgeous women he typically parades around. But there's one thing they all have in common: they're all gone, and I'm right here, by his side, forever.

Or so I thought.



She's a cranky, little spitfire, that I can't possibly live without.

Our friendship is the only constant in my life and when she leaves me on my own, I realize the woman I’ve been searching for was standing beside me all along.


I’ll willing to risk my heart and our friendship for a chance to have it all with her.

Even if it means something so sweet could turn sour when I tell her how I feel.  

Sour is a steamy, standalone, contemporary romance. 

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