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The Dating Alternative

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Ever since I met the girl I affectionately call Cheese, I've wanted her.

She was dating a buddy when I was single. When she was single, I was living with someone.

So, when I found out she and her fiance called it quits, I was ready to make my move.

Cue the music where the hero gets the girl, right?

Not so fast.

Being dumped right before her wedding has done a real number on her.

So this beautiful, funny, smart, amazing woman has decided she's not ready for a relationship.

She's just looking for something physical, so I offer up my services—to be the alternative she's looking for.

The trouble is, the more time I spend with her, the more I realize she's the one.

She's the one I want to date...and maybe the one and only woman I want to have in my life forever.

I'm poised to make my move from this arrangement we've made to serious boyfriend status when she completely ghosts on me.

She doesn't know about my past, or that I have the resources to fix what's gone so wrong.

Real men don't walk away from the people they love...and I'm going to show her I'm as real as it gets.

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