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He's hot, charming, perfect,

And completely off-limits.

After all, he's my best friend,

And has been for years.

I'd never rock the boat and ruin this,

Especially since I'm not like them,

The sexy, gorgeous women he typically parades around.

But there's one thing they all have in common,

They're all gone,

And I'm right here,

By his side,


Or at least, for now.


She's a cranky, little spitfire,

That I can't possibly live without.

Our friendship is the only constant in my life.

I'd never hurt her,

Or hurt us.

But when she leaves, walks away,

One thing is clear,

I can't live without her.

It's time to make the move,

Best friends to lovers to more.

But will something so perfect and sweet,

Turn SOUR when she knows?

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