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The Last Virgin in Texas

Her first time. Their second chance. 

When Hollywood heartthrob Tucker returns to their hometown, can Gretchen resist her first love? 


I did the right thing. I waited. I wanted it to be special.

He was my first love. Our first time was going to be everything I had dreamed it would be.

And it was…until we were interrupted.

When our magical night turned into an awkward nightmare, little did I know it would be the last time I saw him. He bailed. Walked away. Leaving me alone with the shattered pieces of my broken heart.

But that was then. This is now.

He's back. A megasuperstar. A Hollywood heartthrob with a desperate fan base of sexy women that won’t leave him alone.

But he wants me. Still. After all these years.

I can't possibly cave to my feelings, desires, and my hopeful heart.

He broke it once. He'll do it again.



We waited. It felt like forever, but I didn't care. I would've done anything for her.

But I screwed up. When it all went south, I fled, leaving her alone and broken hearted.

And she wasn’t the only one.

But that was then. This is now.

There was so much more to the story than I ever thought was possible. 

I may be an actor, but none of this is for show. I want her, and only her.

I'll do whatever it takes.

I want her in my arms, and in my heart. Forever.

This time, I'm not giving up.

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In Other Words

It's All in How You Say It

When a gorgeous cheerleader came sashaying into the undergraduate coding class he was teaching, Dexter assumed she was just another pretty face. He found a lot more than he bargained for in Sinclair. Over the years they became inseparable. He never dared to tell her his true feelings. After all, what could a guy like him offer a girl as perfect as her?


After two years in New York, Sinclair returns to her hometown of Dallas, excited to be reunited with her best friend. The nerdy PhD student she became friends with so many years ago has turned into a hot, successful entrepreneur. The crush she's always had on Dex smolders hotter than ever. When he introduces her to his buddy, Cole, a star ballplayer who happens to also be Dallas' hottest bachelor, she realizes nothing has changed. The secret feelings she's harbored for years have to stay buried if she wants to keep her friend. 


When Cole begs Dexter to use the new technology he's just developed to help him on his date with Sinclair, he pushes his feelings aside so the woman he loves can have a shot at happiness. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason, though, just might cost him the one person on earth he can't live without. 

With a hunky nerd hero and a kind, clever heroine, In Other Words, is a sweet, sexy friends-to-lovers romance. If you adore a good love triangle, enjoy slow-burn romance, love word nerds, llamas, and satisfying happily-ever-afters, you'll love getting swept up in Sinclair and Dexter's world. 

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Falling for your best friend couldn't get any sweeter.

Tall, handsome, and eternally optimistic Noah has dated a string of gorgeous women. His best friend Elle has outlasted them all. Of course, he has no idea she's been in love with him for years. Why would he? It's not like she's going to tell him. After all, she's short and awkward, and as he's fond of reminding her, has a sour disposition. 

When Elle takes off on her annual ten-day vacation with her family, Noah comes to a startling realization. She's the woman who is by his side day in and day out, whose office is across the hall, and whose house is around the corner. She has called him on his shit when he gets too cocky, and he has held her in her arms when her heart was broken. Absence must make the heart grow fonder because while she's in Germany with her parents, he realizes that everything he has ever wanted was right there all along. Now he's on a mission to make her realize that romance won't ruin their friendship, but platonic friendship is ruining their relationship. 

This funny, sexy, slow-burn romance will have you laughing, cheering, and rooting for adorable Elle and hot, swoon-worthy Noah. Full of heart, laughs, and plenty of heat, if you like feisty heroines, hot, yummy heroes, or sweet and sour treats, you'll love following Elle and Noah's will they-won't they road to romance. 

Sour is a funny, sexy, standalone romance from Jennifer Woodhull, author of The Dating Alternative


The Dating Alternative

Maybe Less is More

Max has crushed on Brie for as long as he's known her but the timing was never right. When he finds out they're finally single at the same time, he's poised to move from friend zone to serious dating... until he finds out she's only looking for something physical. He offers is services in hopes she'll come around. Just when things are starting to go her way, a shocking turn of events snatches her from his grasp. Now he has to resurrect the life he thought he'd left behind to help the woman he's falling in love with before it's too late. 

The Dating Alternative is a standalone, steamy, funny romance. 

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The Grahams - the Promise Series

Novels in the World of the Grahams

Sweet Promise

Book 1 - Georgia

Every time someone tells me how much they love my baking show, it shocks me. It's as if I can't quite remember that all the hours of work I put in filming segments and writing cookbooks is actually meant to be seen by the public. 

The first season of my show was a hit, and I love what I do, so when my agent called to tell me about a new show the network wanted me to audition for, I was surprised. I'm almost twenty-one, not a teenager anymore, and as it turns out, she thinks my girl-next-door image needs to grow up a little.

When I find out that I'm auditioning to co-host with the sexy British celebrity chef I grew up crushing on, I nearly lose it. 

Lucas has had a lot of trouble the past couple of years. A nasty divorce. Binge-drinking. Partying. We won't even talk about those pics of his impressive package that were splashed all over the tabloids. 

I'm supposed to be the solution to all Lucas' problems. Meeting him, though, is just the start of mine. 

When we set off on a European filming tour, sparks fly. 

Lucas is definitely bringing the heat. 

I just hope I don't get burned. 


Sweet Promise is the first standalone romance in the Promise Series - the World of the Grahams.  

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Promise Me Forever

Book 3 - Rome

There are a hundred guys in Nashville who would kill to be in Rome's shoes. He's a damn good guitar player, and in Nashville, that means one thing - country music is his bread and butter. Rome's passion is classical guitar, though, and in Guitar Town, those gigs are few and far between. 


Rome's brother-in-law offers to get him an audition with an artist who needs a guitarist to play classical and Celtic music with her on tour. The opportunity is a dream come true. When he meets Lauren, the brooding and mysterious musician, though, he finds out the tour may be more than he bargained for. He's the magnet to her broken steel. Lauren's painful past keeps her at arms' length. Is the promise of forever one Rome can really keep? Or will he end up leaving her behind, just like everyone else?

Promise Me Forever - ROME COVER

Promise of Home

Book 2 - Celia

They say you can't go home again. If only that were true. 

Growing up, I'd been in love with my best friend as long as I could remember. Handsome, smart, and kind, that country boy was always there for me. Still, I never let him know how I felt until the summer I was home from college and my whole world fell apart. 

When we got together, it what we had both been waiting for our whole lives. It was passionate. It was perfect. It wasn't permanent. 

After college, I stayed in Chicago. With each passing year and every visit home, I became more convinced I could successfully avoid him for the rest of my life.  

Fate had other plans. 

I thought I'd built him up in my memory to be more handsome than he really was. I had not. That handsome boy had grown into an insanely gorgeous man... one that was standing in front of me asking for answers and another chance. 


Full of determination, his will is a force to be reckoned with, and I don't know if my weak heart is up to the task. 

He was everything I had ever wanted. 

The problem is, if I let him in back into my life, I'll have to tell him a secret I've kept hidden for years... a secret that will break his heart.

Promise Of Home is the second, standalone romance in the Promise Series - the World of the Grahams. 

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