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Why We Adore Friends-to-Lovers Romance

The fantastic thing about romance as a genre is the variety of tropes, or themes, available to suit virtually any interest. While most readers choose stories from a variety of tropes, some prefer to revisit the same story themes time and time again.

One of my favorite tropes to write, and one of the most popular among my titles is friends-to-lovers. Why is it we root for the couple whose relationship is founded in friendship? Many of us may have had the experience of secretly longing that a friendship could become more. Still, perhaps the love of the friends-to-lovers trope goes deeper.

We seek romantic relationships to fulfill a number of needs. Certainly the initial stages of appeal are all about attraction and fulfilling desires. As relationships grow, however, deeper connections tether us. We want a partner with whom we share a connection. We want someone who understands us—someone who sees our worst as well as our best and accepts us.

Perhaps this is why the idea of falling in love with someone who knows us already, who has already been there to support us through thick and thin has such appeal.

Some of my favorite friends-to-lovers novels include Kendall Ryan's Flirting With Forever, R. S. Grey's Not So Nice Guy, and the Lauren Blakely novel, Best Laid Plans. My recent titles, In Other Words, and Sour also include this favorite trope. Want to see what other titles I've recommended? Check them all out here. In Other Words on Amazon

Sour on Amazon

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