• Jennifer Woodhull

Promise of Home is Live!

Celia had loved Mike as long as she could remember. They were best friends in school, but he never

made a move. When tragedy struck the summer before her sophomore year of college, their relationship changed, and she thought all her dreams were coming true. Mike had always been in love with Celia, but never thought she felt the same way. After they got together in college, he was happier than he'd ever been... until she broke his heart.

When fate throws them back together, Mike is determined to get an explanation - and a second chance. For Celia, though, giving in to what her heart has always wanted also means telling the truth about the past - a truth that will break his heart.

Will they find a way to move beyond their pain, or are some wounds too deep to heal?

Promise of Home is now live on Amazon for Kindle & paperback, and on Kobo for ebook. A standalone novel, Promise of Home is the second in the Graham Family/Promise series. Sweet Promise, the first book in the series, is still available for a limited time on Kindle Unlimited. Promise Me Forever, the third book in the series, will launch in 2018. Kobo —>

Amazon —>

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