• Jennifer Woodhull

Meet Georgia

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

A Southern girl should never be underestimated.

Georgia has spent most of her life taking care of other people. Baking was her release - providing an outlet for her energy and creativity. Like most things that she worked at, though, she became good at it. When she entered the Southern Baking Championships, she was just having some fun. Winning that competition led to a cookbook, an agent and a hit TV show. Now, her agent wants to see the girl-next-door grow up, and she has a project that will help Georgia do just that. The paycheck from the new show could change everything for Georgia's family. Now she's laser-focused on making the new show a hit...if only she could keep her eyes off her handsome co-star.

Lucas has always been the golden boy. From a privileged background, Britain's hottest celebrity chef is the type of man women dream of. Unfortunately for him, his dream became a nightmare when his wife's infidelity led him down a path of self-destruction. He has one last chance to restore his reputation and save his career. When he meets his new co-star, will he be back to his old ways, or has he finally reached the turning point he so desperately needs?

Explore Georgia's world in Sweet Promise. Available July 8th for Kindle.

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