• Jennifer Woodhull

Little Brothers, huh?

If you don't have one, you've known someone who does. That annoying little brother. The one who was always underfoot when he was little, turned into an annoying prankster as a teen, and grew up into a smug young man, always chasing girls. Celia and Georgia Graham know the feeling.

Rome has come into his own since college. He's tall. Athletic. And those blue eyes? Don't get me started.

He's talented, too. There aren't many guys who can play guitar like him, and jobs playing backup on country records are plentiful. The problem for Rome is, he isn't interested in any of that. His passion is for classical music, but opportunities to play what he loves in the country music capitol of the world are few and far between.

The opportunity arises to audition for a Celtic musician headed out on tour. Gorgeous and incredibly talented, Lauren mixes traditional Celtic pieces with classical ones. Rome feels like this is a dream come true.

Then he meets the woman he'll be touring with.

Hot and cold. Pushing and pulling. Every time Rome starts to walk away from the gig, and the girl, something pulls him back. He's the magnet to her broken steel, and try as he might to leave, he knows there's more to her than meets the eye and he wants to learn her story.

Promise Me Forever is the third book in The Promise Series - The Grahams. It, along with Georgia's story, Sweet Promise, and Celia's story, Promise of Home, is available for pre-order now. Amazon

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