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I've Got 2 Big Surprises for You!

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Well, it's official! Promise Me Forever, the third book in The Promise Series - the Graham family trilogy - is live. Writing the stories of these three siblings has been such an amazing experience, and finishing up with Rome's tumultuous relationship has been bittersweet. Although I'll miss the Graham siblings, I am focusing on the many exciting things I have to share with you throughout the rest of 2018, and in early 2019. 

You can pick up Rome's story on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Play, and other online retailers today. 

NOW... on to my Big Surprise!

To celebrate the launch of Promise Me Forever, I've collected a dozen wonderful recipes inspired by Georgia Graham from Sweet Promise, and created Georgia's first cookbook: Georgia Bakes!

Georgia was at a book signing when she was discovered by her agent, and the book she was promoting was the first one she wrote after winning the Southern Baking Championships. Georgia Bakes includes a dozen delicious recipes, each written in Georgia's unique style. 

One of the recipes in Georgia Bakes is the recipe for their mother's Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies, which played a role in Promise of Home. Celia, Georgia's older sister, receives a gift of cookies made from their mother's recipe that invokes memories of her childhood. 


“Girl, are you crying right now? Over a cookie?” Emma asked.

I put my hand to my face and realized that tears were involuntarily rolling down my cheeks. “It’s not a cookie,” I said, handing her the tin to take one. “It’s a memory.”

- excerpt from Promise of Home


The recipe that made Celia cry, and eleven other sweet treats, are all included in Georgia Bakes!

Georgia Bakes is available onAmazon now for only $2.99. You, though, lovely reader,subscribe to my mailing list, so you can pick up your copy today ABSOLUTELY FREE by clicking here!  Want to spread the love? Share this link on social media so all your friends can pick up their free copy as well. You can also social share using the links below. 

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Not So Fast!

I've got ONE MORE surprise for you!

Remember how I mentioned all the cool thingsI've got planned for the next few months? 

Well.. SURPRISE! My first rom-com will be launching in December!The cover reveal will be happening around November 30th. Want to get in on all the shenanigans? Join my Reviewer, Influencer, and Blogger team by clicking here.THANK YOU for continuing to support my writing. Your comments, retweets, shares, and reviews mean more to me than I can say. Until next time, read passionately!

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