• Jennifer Woodhull

Book Release: Promise of Home

Promise of Home is now available for preorder on Amazon and Kobo, and the iBooks version will be published soon.

Celia Graham has never completely gotten over her childhood crush. After connecting in college, he broke her heart. A chance encounter with her sister and a dinner invitation from her brother lead to Celia coming face-to-face with the man she's always loved. Now, he wants an explanation...and a second chance.

For Celia, though, giving in to what her heart has always wanted means she'll have to tell him the secret she's kept hidden all these years. Is the hurt of the past too much to overcome, or will they find their way through the pain and back to each other?

Promise of Home is a sexy, standalone, second-chance novel. Part of the Graham Family series, Promise of Home follows oldest sister Celia. The first book in the series, Sweet Promise, tells the story of Georgia Graham, and the forthcoming Promise Me Forever explores the life of Georgia's twin brother Rome.

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