Best friends to lovers standalone romance. 

Angsty love triangles (love squares?)

Plenty of heart, heat, and a few laughs. 

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I'm the smart one, a serious nerd, a nice guy.


I never expected to become best friends with a gorgeous cheerleader. 


And yeah, you can probably guess, I fell for her, but it's not what you think. 


I love her quick wit, her brilliant mind, and her huge heart. 


I'm not that gangly kid anymore.


When she moves back to town, the plan is to tell her everything. 


All I want is for her to be happy. 


When my best friend makes his move on her, I let her go. 


Even though seeing her with him is breaking my heart. 




I had it all figured out. 


When I moved back home, I was going to tell Dex the truth. 


I'm in love with him. I always have been. 


I may be smart, but he's a true intellectual. 


Maybe that's why, when his friend asks me out, he seems to be all for it. 


Colton is the sexy star athlete girls dream about, and he's crazy about me. 


Dex is dating someone else, and I try to play supportive friend.


In my heart, though, I keep fanning an ember of hope. 


Hope that Dex could love me back. 


And that tiny glimmer of hope is turning out to be a very dangerous thing. 


In Other Words is a funny, angsty, sexy standalone romance from the author of The Dating Alternative. 

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