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Her new boss hates the holidays, but she'd love for him to stuff her stocking.



When I wrote last year’s list of resolutions, I had it all. A successful fiance, a great group of friends, a job I loved...I was living the dream.

Unfortunately, my best friend and my fiance decided to hold the wedding without me. All those amazing friends I had decided it was too awkward being friends with me and the happy new couple, so guess who suddenly found herself home alone every Saturday night? Yours truly. 


But me? I’m good! I’m not going to let any of my problems ruin my favorite time of year. I've even got an amazing new temp job that's the most promising thing I've found in months.


Except...I didn’t count on my new boss being the guy who rescued me a few weeks ago—the one I thanked with the hottest kiss of my life.





I don’t do relationships—not since my marriage fell apart. I focus on my business, and am perfectly happy on my own. The only woman I need right now is a decent assistant to replace the one out on maternity leave.

Imagine my surprise when he gorgeous brunette I’ve been daydreaming about, the same one who lip-locked me at a bar a few weeks ago, shows up at my office with her curves, her optimism, and her holiday spirit.


She’s temptingly gorgeous, and dangerously close. I have to find a way to distance myself before I lose all control. 


Holiday Tempatation is a funny, sexy, standalone, holiday romance.

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